My fondness of the Labrador comes from a genuine love of the breed. I
have known the pleasure of their companionship and loyalty for many
years. I consider myself to be a small hobby breeder as I only breed
one to two litters each year. Those litters are carefully considered and
planned based on many factors: strict adherence to the breed standard,
the overall physical and mental health of my breeding stock and
potential stud, the positive attributes of each animal, areas of weakness
where improvement is needed, a strong ethic and commitment
towards the care of my dam and her offspring, proper socialization and
placement of each individual puppy, and the firm belief that I will be
able to give something positive back to the breed.

Each dog in my breeding program is current on clearances from The
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and The Canine Eye Registration
Foundation. I insure that each puppy has been properly vaccinated,
wormed, and veterinarian checked before he/she goes home. You can
also be assured that each puppy that comes from Governor Kennels is
raised with love by me and family.

I also feel it is HIGHLY important to point out my primary goal - strive
for excellence within my breeding program. While I do breed quality
companion animals, I breed first and foremost with the intent of
keeping a show prospect(s) for myself and kennel partner, Zina Becker
of Rozihill Labradors. It takes an enormous amount of time, energy,
thought, money, and heartache to arrive at a quality show prospect that
will enrich future generations to come.

Please understand that as pet owners you will be getting the best
possible pet. However, we will
always select what we are going to
keep for ourselves first. Having said that, sometimes I can't accurately
say what gender or color puppy will be available to you until they reach
seven to eight weeks of age. At that time the pups will be evaluated in
the areas of structure and temperament. After our selection(s) have
been made, we will then honor requests for gender and color

All pets from Governor Kennels are sold on AKC Limited Registration

Pet prices for either sex- $1200. A $400 non-refundable deposit is
required once I have confirmed that I will have the gender and color
preference you requested.

While I continue to be a proud member of The Clinton Iowa Kennel
Club, we are now located a half hour north of Kansas City, MO.
Governor Kennels 2016